I’m an unabashed Google Sheets nerd.

Over my many years working in management in big Silicon Valley Startups, and before that in finance and in management consulting, I’ve always prided myself on making Google Sheets into my personal playground.

Even now, I use Google Sheets for everything, including:

  • Dashboards for my various websites,
  • My training program (powerlifting and BJJ),
  • Business planning and forecasting,
  • Learning foreign language vocabulary,

And more weird stuff! (probably a bit too much)

It used to be Microsoft Excel, a long time ago — but frankly, I’ve lost touch a bit. I like Sheets because they make it available free and because it can do some really cool stuff. It also used to be the underdog, so it’s fun when I can make it sing!

I also pride myself in being able to explain complicated things in simple language. It’s one of those skills that mean that I often show people how to do interesting stuff in Google Sheets, and was that person who sent out tips via email in all my jobs.

I don’t want to overwhelm you with Google Sheets nerdiness. If I can get you to just do one more interesting thing today — or this week — I’ll consider this site a success.

There you go, hope you enjoy all my Google Sheets tips and tricks. Made with love.